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We’re Not Afraid To Go There With Your Hair

Our main focus at Salon H2O is to give our clients a great experience; not just by transforming their hair into works of art, but also by prioritizing the health of their hair. In our recent staff meeting, we discussed an important, but sensitive topic: thinning hair. It’s something we have seen with our clients, and we hope by sharing what we know, we can help shed the stigma surrounding hair loss and turn something taboo into something talked about.

The most common types of hair loss are typically temporary and there are several factors for thinning hair: vitamin deficiency, high levels of DHT in both men and women (a hormone linked to hair loss caused by an increase in testosterone), sensitivity to hair products, and the most frequent and often overlooked contributor: stress. One of the most common forms of temporary hair loss is Telogen Effluvium (TE), which occurs when there has been a shock to the system (e.g., illness, surgery, childbirth) triggering the hair to go into a resting phase, followed by excessive shedding. During TE new hair continues to grow and it usually resolves on its own over several months.

The good news is that there are a few things you can do to treat TE. The first is to examine your diet for deficiencies in essential vitamins and nutrients vital to hair health, and then change what you eat or add supplements to help. The next is to be gentle with your hair and go easy on the styling. Also, avoid hair products with sulfates or parabens as they can cause skin irritations, which can contribute to hair loss. Invest in a shampoo, conditioner, or follicle stimulator to increase the flow of blood to your follicles. Finally, and most importantly, get back to the basics: drink more water, eat right, exercise, and take time to relax.

Six months ago (without any foresight that thinning hair would become an issue for our clients) I brought in a new product line, Ethica, because I personally wanted my hair to grow faster and thicker. I chose Ethica because it works by reducing inflammation, decreasing DHT, and has a combination of amino acids to stimulate growth. This line has proven itself to me, and our clients have had more success than any previous brand we’ve carried. I recommend my clients to use Ethica for six months to see maximum benefits.

We know it’s a delicate matter for most, but we hope our clients feel comfortable to ask us questions and talk to us about thinning hair. The staff at Salon H2O is here to make your hair beautiful and healthy from root to tip.

Wise, Wise Woman, Let Your Inner Goddess Shine!

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