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Okay, the gap year is over; we have all done some version of suppression. Now it’s time to take your gloves off and decide who you want to create yourself to be. I actually got Moyocoyotzin tattooed on my arm as a constant reminder of where I have set my sights—I’m aiming to create myself as glamorous, fit, and unstoppable.

I love 50s glamour and have been getting inspiration from Netflix shows set in that era. I’m growing my hair a little longer to play with 50’s glam looks, revamping my wardrobe (which was honestly getting a little depressive), and even thinking of taking the plunge into permanent makeup. I’m also done stomping my feet (foot-stomping is not an exercise that will make a difference) at not being able to go to a studio for my workout, and instead, I’m committing to getting fit by taking advantage of online yoga classes. I’ve also been on my porch/studio painting up a storm, as I truly believe this will directly enhance my hair artistry. Using my talents as a hair colorist is translating into some great acrylic paintings and it is fun to mix basic colors to achieve whatever shade is in my mind’s eye. Creating and honing my skills will make me unstoppable.

Your mental health is connected to how you perceive yourself, so it’s important to take control in the creation of YOU. When you come to us at Fusion Salon, we encourage you to know what you like and what you never want to look like. Take time to research on websites what you want and share with us—a picture is worth a thousand words. Dare to dream and stretch your boundaries, but always be your own hair advocate!

I am so appreciative of all the clientele who have come in for services, even if they are not going anywhere but to a zoom meeting. Our clients want to look and feel great for themselves, and I can relate—I even wear lipstick under my mask. No one can see it, but I swear I smile bigger and you can tell by the glimmer in my eyes peeking over my mask.

We want you to always feel safe coming into Fusion Salon. We are implementing precautions by having all employees COVID tested once a month. We also take everyone’s temperature that comes into our salon. We wear masks and ask that you do too. Each hair stylist station is spaced 6 feet apart. There are 20 hand sanitizing containers throughout the salon, and we sanitize for 15 minutes between each client. We also use a fogger every night to get to all of the little spaces.

I recently had an emergency hair fix where my beautiful client, who is normally a baby blond was now baby duck yellow—not her best color. Besides for her own reflection in the mirror, I know she wanted to look great for the love of her life, her husband, and that is really very sweet. However, she hesitated to come in, as she is extremely cautious because her husband is immunocompromised. I explained to her that we are taking every precaution. The day she came in I felt so warm that I was able to restore her to a beautiful blonde and that she placed her trust in us.

We know that it’s inconvenient, but as we do our part, we ask that you do yours by calling us when you get here for your appointment and waiting in your car until we are ready for you. For safety reasons, there are no more magazines in our salons, but we do offer a copy of the Woman’s Journal, which is yours to keep and to look through while you wait. We still want to provide the best experience for our clients and offer water, coffee, and hot tea upon request.

While you do the dreaming and creating of the most amazing you, we will continue to make a safe and healthy space where we can continue to serve in the creation of you.

Wise, Wise Woman. Let Your Inner Goddess Shine!

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