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Unexpected JOY in an Unprecedented Time

This is an unprecedented time for all of us. Let’s focus on the gifts we’ve experienced and the JOY that each brings.

I put the question out to my circle of friends, “Where have you found joy?” It’s a small sampling of humanity, but the results I got back brought even more joy into my heart. The feedback was overlapping, and all will be touched on below.

The first gift was the gift of time. In my life, as with many others, time was of a shortage—too busy, too many schedules. The unexpected abundance of time gave us the ability to focus on treasures.

The stay-at-home order gave moms and dads the gift of really getting to be with their children. The joy of having the opportunity to get to know the people they are becoming is priceless. Our children need our love and “snuggle time,” and we have been available to give it.

I know many have also immersed themselves into their gardens and they are gorgeous this year. I am a flower gardener, but I know several people who have started vegetable gardens that require a lot of sweat. The gift of time is showing up here.

And maybe the most important element of this is that we have all had time for self-reflection, and that may be the biggest gift of all.

The second gift was that humanity found its kindness. We cared more for our immediate circle of people AND the enterprises we felt would need support. One of my clients reached out through video chat to kids who needed extra support, while another client divided her stimulus check to businesses she cared about.

All of us had to learn something new to us, and now our brains are engaged.

For me, another gift I observed was the gift of patience. Waiting in lines is usually an irritating part of life, but now I’ve found immense patience within me and observed it in others.

I also loved the luxury of having dinner with my husband and great conversation. We found out how each other needs to be supported. It turns out no agenda is good for a relationship.

People are enjoying the great outdoors more and walking and waving at those they pass. It’s so amazing to see that we are truly acknowledging each other.

This time has not only benefited humans, but also our four-legged friends. Did you know the animal adoption agencies have placed so many fur babies into foster homes? Animals live in the moment and are such heartwarming beings. I’ve been given the gift of being a foster mom to a beautiful horse. He gives me great big heart hugs.

All of these simple gifts have made my heart smile for our community; you can’t find much more joy than that.

When we can all be together again, the joy we have found and the joy of being reunited will make this world a more beautiful place to be. Until then, stay safe. Be kind. Be well. Find joy.

Wise Wise Women, Let Their Inner Goddess Shine.

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