DevaCut and DevaCurls

Salon H2O Devacurl

DevaCurl and DevaCut are a specialty that we have mastered!

We all know that curly hair has a mind of its own and takes someone with a special talent to understand it. Our stylists at Salon H2O have taken the time to get Deva-certified and are guaranteed to give an amazing style to beautiful naturally wavy or curly hair.

The Deva system has its own way of dressing, nourishing, coloring, and styling texture. Whether you have wavy hair or kinky curls, the Deva way could be for you. Let our stylists take the time to talk to you about the products and show you how they work. A personalized Deva treatment is a great way to see what this line is all about! We offer DevaCuts with or without the treatment. As always, we have the products available in our salon for you to take home to replicate your style.

DevaCurl Products

Interested in color options for curly hair? We also offer Pintura coloring, which is like a balayage, that is designed with curly hair in mind.